Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is probably very boring to most people, but hopefully someone might find it helpful if they have the same issue. Today one of my client's had multiple (at least 3) computers on their Windows network running very slowly. They thought it was the Intranet speed, but even non-network operations seemed to be going very slowly on all computers. I pulled up the Task Manager on one, and a process called wmiprvse.exe was using over 60% of the CPU. And sure enough, same service was hogging CPU on the other computers too.

I was worried it was a virus, but after some Google searching, I found some references to failed print jobs. I've seen similar issues before where failed print jobs cause chaos in Windows, so I thought that was a likely cause. I checked the printers via Control Panel, and found one with 13 tasks cued up that were 2 days old. So I deleted all of them, and then that wmiprvse.exe process went down to 0% CPU. Woot!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Often my clients have images or photos they want to post to their Web site. But often the image or photo is enormous and needs to be shrunk and/or cropped. Most ordinary users don't have Photoshop, so the easiest free desktop solution would be Microsoft Paint. And that isn't a great solution.

So here's my new favorite productivity site:

It allows you to upload a picture, crop and resize it online, then download the final result. I even think its faster than opening Photoshop or Paint, and its way easier to use and show others how to use than Photoshop or Paint too. Especialy since Crop and Resize is about all the image editing most of us ever need to do anyway.

Purpose of blog

This is my first post of the KC Web Programmers tech blog. The purpose of this blog is to give me (Eric Barr) a place to post technical links to technical solutions/tools/etc. that I think are very useful. I learn about a lot of tech things from the TechCrunch blog. Hopefully this will be more than my highlights of the TechCrunch blog, but it might only be a little more than that :-)

I may post a solution to something that took me a while to figure out and I'm hoping that by posting it, someone else may find the solution and it will save them some time.

I hope you find something that is useful to you!