Sunday, July 12, 2009

cloud development tools?

I spent several hours this week trying to upgrade my MS SQL Server 2005 database on my laptop to MS SQL Server 2008. First I tried to just install 2008 also, but I got a "versions are incompatible" message. So I had to uninstall 2005 first, then when I tried to install 2008 from the main installation site, it gave me an error. So I had to find an alternate installation file...again, many hours.

The beauty of "cloud computing" is not having to install a bunch of software on the desktop and worry about these kinds of things. Its now easy to check email, watch videos, and make word processing and spreadsheet documents all in the cloud through your browser. But when it comes to software development, the tools are pretty specialized. And for security reasons, you might not want to let Web files be editable in the actual folder they are viewed. So it seems I'll always need to install my development tools on my machine, which means I can only develop form that machine too, rather than any computer with Internet access.

*If* anyone reads this :-) and is a developer, do you have any solutions for this? I used to work at Devry and they had a system where you could connect to a server that had development tools on it to do labs. That's not exactly what I'm imagining, but it could work. But I don't see that available as a product for the public. Thanks for your thoughts on it!