Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Voice

I've always been a fan of Google tools. I use GMail, Google Apps (for KC Web Programmers), Calendar, Maps, Blogger (obviously), Groups, etc. But my new favorite Google tool is.... Google Voice. There are so many great features:

1) When callers leave voice mail online, it is transcribed automatically (though far from perfectly) and sent to your email and as a text message to your cell phone

2) Once you have your Google Voice phone number, it means you only have to tell people one phone number from then on because that number will ring any other number you tell it to.

3) You can create rules based on different callers. For example, for family ring all my phones and for unknown callers only ring your home phone.

The only drawback to me is having to tell people that I have a new phone number since I've already switched numbers recently. But again, this service means it *should* be the last time I'll need to switch.

Right now the service is invitation only, but I have 1 extra invitation at this point. Leave me a comment if you want it.