Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Epson Workforce Incorrect Paper Jam Error

Most of the things I post are programming or software issues.  I had an interesting hardware issue last night.  I have an Epson Workforce 310 printer.  Recently it started giving me erroneous Paper Jam errors when there was no paper jam.  It would just start loading a piece of paper, then almost immediately say "Paper Jam", feed the rest of the paper through without printing on it, and cancel the print job.  I thought maybe my printer was finally done for.

So then I started trying random things -- take the paper out and put it back in, clean the nozzles, run the alignment check -- but still no luck.  Then I started thinking, "why did it just start doing this when it was printing fine a minute ago?".  Well I'd just turned the paper around in the feeder because I was printing on hole-punched paper and the hole punches were on the right side of the page and I wanted them on the left.  I tried turning the paper back around and it started printing fine again!  Apparently the printer has some sensor on one side and the holes were confusing it into thinking there was a paper jam.

On further searching, looks like Epson subtly acknowledges this issue in their FAQ regarding paper feeding. It simply says:

"Do not load paper with holes punched in it for insertion in a binder."