Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Epson Workforce 310 setup on Windows 8 64-bit

I set up Epson Workforce 310 printer drivers on my wife's new Windows 8 computer last week.  It did not go too smoothly.  It started off well.... I found the setup program on the Epson site easily enough and downloaded it.  When I ran the setup it progressed for a few minutes, said it was looking for the printer, found it and displayed its MAC address, and then it gave me this error:

"Some files necessary for setup are not installed. Run setup again from the software CD-ROM."

As I mentioned, I didn't have a CD-ROM, I had downloaded it. And foolishly, I had just selected "Run" instead of "Save" after I had downloaded it, so I hadn't saved a copy. So now I had to download it again so I could try running it again. I downloaded again, this time chose "Save" to save the setup file, ran it again, and got the exact same error at the same part.

I started doing some research and saw some recommendations to add through Control Panel.  When I went to Control Panel, I was surprised to see that the printer was showing up there...twice!  Apparently the install worked despite the error.  I tried printing with it, and it worked.  

But when I tried to run Epson Scan, it gave me an error.  I didn't save that one, but something like that it was not installed properly.  I thought we were going to have to just live with not using the scanner on that computer.  Then I ran Epson Scan Settings, a different program than Epson Scan.  Somehow, that fixed the scanning issue, and now everything is working properly.