Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

Every so often, I get asked to forward a domain purchased at GoDaddy to some other URL.  Its easy to do, but since I don't do it often, I forget exactly how to do it.  So I decided to document it here.

NOTE: This will forward both AND

1) Log in to GoDaddy and open up Domains

2) Find the domain name you want to forward and click the MANAGE button

3) When the "Domain Details" page appears, there is a Forwarding section down the page in the Settings tab.  It should say "Domain: Off" if it isn't forwarding.  Click the "Manage" link below that.

4) Then you will get a popup dialog box titled "Forwarding and Masking".  Click the green "Add Forwarding" button.  The dialog box will change to look like this:

5) Simply type/paste in the URL you want to forward to, without the http.  Be sure to change the dropdown to use the correct protocol you want, http or https. I keep everything else as-is: 301 (Permanent), Forward Only, and keep the check box checked.

6) Click Add on this screen, then Save when you get back to Forwarding and Masking

The changes can take a few minutes to take affect.  And my take affect some time before (or maybe after), without www.  But within an hour or a lot less, both versions should be forwarding to the URL you specified.